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    The important shadow of housing growth.

    As we continue to ride the housing boom in the United States, there is an ongoing need to store our extra belongings during and after a move. Rarely does the space available in a new residence match the amount of items we want to retain. Especially when downsizing. That’s where we come in. If it’s only for a few months or more permanently, we can store the treasured belongings of a person until they have either made room for those belongings or determined they are no longer treasured.

    Strong consumers plus smaller homes

    A trend coming out of the Great Recession has been a right-sizing of homes for consumers. Fortunately we have been able to meet the demand of people to retain their family’s prized possessions that they might not have room for in their primary residence. We have determined an algorithm that finds the types of neighborhoods which fit this demographic. We then overlay a map of undervalued real estate in those neighborhoods suitable for storage facilities.

    Part of the solution

    We are happy to be part of the effort to make housing more affordable by outsourcing storage. As more and more cities look to infill their footprint by offering more right sized real estate options, we will continue to serve the needs of those communities.

    Regulatory friendly environment

    Because of the low environmental impact dry storage has on a community, our developments of storage solutions rarely if ever meet with regulatory objections.

    Supports the work-from-home employment reality

    As corporations look to reduce their footprint in the new work relationship with their employees, off-site storage that is a fraction of office space rent is a great solution to the storage needs companies will still have.

    An increasingly mobile workforce

    As people make the decision to work from where they want, not from where their companies are based, they want the option to store their belongings instead of making the commitment of moving. That way their options to move back are still open to them. In this day and age, staying flexible offers the most alternatives for your family. We are happy to fullfill that need in our communities.

    Shovels Ready

    If you’re looking to turn that field of trees into nice homes with landscaping, look no further than Alterra Developments. You, the new homeowners, and the community at large will all benefit.

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