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    Undervalued businesses that unlock hidden potential.

    Like all of the Signal Ventures business units, Flying Frog Car Wash uses data to identify undervalued locations of self-serve car washes. The self-serve industry is overlooked and lacks good service. By using our algorithms to find the most underperforming self-serve car washes in relation to their locations, we identify the businesses with the most potential. Our research also helps us to find the right value for the business when we negotiate.

    Pride in ownership.

    This is America, and we love our cars. Studies have shown that people here wash their cars at least once a month. It’s this pride in our cars that drives the success in our business. Washing your car has also been found to be one of the most satisfying maintenance tasks that we perform. It is finite, efficient and the end result makes us a little bit happier.

    Recession resistant as a low cost, automotive maintenance service

    While many activities of daily life might be eliminated during a resession, the low cost and the enjoyment people feel at having a clean car makes washing your car immune to cut backs. Studies show that even during economic downturns washing your car is still a once a month activity.

    Inflation friendly because transaction amount is low and customer behavior is driven by nearby retailers.

    Our proprietary algorithms help us identify sites that meet the financial goals of our investors. By analyzing the surrounding area, we can reliably predict the income a location will produce.

    Embracing new technologies.

    It might seem insane, but most self serve car washes are still coin operated. Adding the capability of credit card payments alone brings the operating income of self serve car washes more inline with their true potential. We also completely refurbish the bays, install state-of-the-art equipment and pumps and heat the floors where necessary. All these improvements, along with new branding and data driven marketing, have helped us unlock the potential of self serve car washes in communities up and down the west coast.

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    If you’re looking to turn that field of trees into nice homes with landscaping, look no further than Alterra Developments. You, the new homeowners, and the community at large will all benefit.

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